French Language & Culture tour to Normandy by coach: 5 days, 4 nights

Normandy is great for a language and cultural trip providing numerous opportunities for students to practise their French in real-life situations and immerse themselves in French culture. It is also a great destination for a more cross-curricular tour with excursions that relate to history, D&T, Geography, maths and science.

Example itinerary

Honfleur Normandy

Day one
Depart from school by coach
Connect with channel crossing
Stop at Honfleur en route
Arrive at accommodation

Mont Saint-Michel Normandy

Day two
Mont St Michel
Mont St Michel Abbey

Bayeux Tapestry Normandy

Day three
Market visit
Bayeux Tapestry
Bayeux Cathedral
360 Cinema
American Cemetery

Goat’s Cheese Farm Normandy

Day four
Caramel Making factory
Goat’s Cheese Farm
Snail Farm

Chocolaterie Normandy

Day five
Depart accommodation
Stop en route at chocolaterie
Return back to the UK on coach