See below for excursions suitable for science. You can also view a Key Stage 2 cross-curricular itinerary here.

  • Paleospace

    Subject/age range: MFL, Science, Cultural, 8+

    What you’ll experience:

    Educational activities are organised around 3 themes at Paleospace: palaeontology, astronomy and the fauna and flora of the marsh. There are a variety of options depending on the age group - see website for details.  Unguided visits are an option with the group and teacher looking around the museum at their own pace. Visits with an audio guide in English are also possible to give pupils an interactive experience where they can choose from over 30 commentaries and find their way round in their own time.

    Select says:

    Treasure hunt leaflets are available from Paleospace upon request to help structure your visit.

    Allow: 2 hours

  • NaturoSpace - Honfleur

    Subject/age range: Science, 9+

    What you’ll experience:

    Located in Honfleur, the Naturospace Butterfly House will give students insights into the beauty of the life cycle of a buuterfly. The 14,000 ft² building features a 10,764 ft² tropical glasshouse. A screening room which can seat 50 people, and there is a modular area to host temporary exhibitions.

    Select says:

    The Naturospace Butterfly House offers 'discovery expeditions', adapted to group expectations.

    Allow: 1-2 hours