Subject/age range: MFL, Art, Cultural, Geography, Food Technology,

What you’ll experience:
A town with a rich artistic and historical heritage, Honfleur has beautiful old houses, narrow paved streets, monuments, little shops, traditional restaurants, galleries, artists’ studios, a fishing harbour and a marina.

Select says:
The changing light on the Seine estuary inspired Monet, Boudin, Courbet, and many others. Great place to stop for lunch on route to your destination or on the way home to break up the journey.

Allow: 1-2 hours

Mont Saint St Michel

Subject/age range: MFL, Cultural, History, Geography, RS,

What you’ll experience:
This world famous island and monastery is surrounded by tidal sands, and has been a place of refuge and pilgrimage for centuries. You will have time for a tour of the Abbey and for shopping in the narrow and evocative lanes of the island.

Select says:
This is a beautiful location and worth taking your time and making the most of the monastery and village at its feet.

Allow: 3 hours